Topkids Curriculum

TopKids provides a structured environment in which different style of education are smartly integrated. We have developed a curriculum that is both comprehensive and intellectually challenging with the aim of developing a dynamic child with strong values and passion for learning.

Our partnership with established international childhood education programme providers such as Learning Box, Helex and Ziyo Resources and other programmes which are in line with our Ministry of Education enable us to provide curriculum as stated or press the button below for quick navigation.

Cambridge English


Smiles is a series that provides a well- designed learning environment where young learners can work towards developing their competencies in English in a structured yet creative manner. This unique course offers learning tasks, games, songs and chants designed to stimulate the development of young learners and to awaken their natural curiosity to the world around them. The aim of the course is to make learning relevant and to assist young learners in connecting to their inner passions while achieving their full potential. 

  • Carefully graded development of all four skills
  • Specially designed material to promote social and emotional awareness
  • Learning task which stimulate development and awaken curiosity
  • The perfect combination of print and digital resources

Little Stars

  • A carefully graded syllabus to expose young learners to the essentials of  the English language at this level
  • Memorable and enjoyable presentation of language through flashcards and posters
  • Appealing songs and chants to present, practice and review the key language
  • Circle- time activities and games
  • Arts & Crafts, promoting a hands- on approach to learning
  • A built- in story, The Little Red Hen, promoting reading for pleasure
  • Nursery Song


Mathematical Modelling Programme is a systematically interactive programme that brings out fun to the child’s imagination,as it is filled with brightly eye-catching illustrations with simple instructions and stimulating activities which aims to help children develop numerical skills early in their life.

Mathematical Modelling Programme covers classification, problem solving, basic Maths concept, positional language, mathematical vocabulary, addition and subtraction and many more.

Bahasa Melayu

Program Learning Box Bahasa Melayu menggunakan ilustrasi ceria dan mesra pengguna yang bertujuan untuk menarik perhatian kanak-kanak serta menjadikan proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran lebih efektif.

Aktiviti-aktiviti yang disediakan seperti bercerita, berpuisi, bersoal jawab, dan menyanyi juga mampu mewujudkan suasana pembelajaran berinteraksi dan menarik di kalangan kanak-kanak.

​Program Learning Box Bahasa Melayu mampu mempertingkatkan penggunaan Bahasa Melayu kanak-kanak serta dapat memudahkan proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran Bahasa Melayu kanak-kanak dari usia yang muda dan memperkukuhan asas Bahasa Melayu sebelum melangkah ke alam persekolahan lebih tinggi.


Master the fun of Chinese and motivate them to learn Chinese Master the method of answering and improve literacy Train children’s hands and brain skills Develop oral expression skills Prepare for entry to the first grade of primary school

New Maths

New Maths Programme offered by Ziyo Resources understands that it is essential for children to develop the thinking skill ability and to enhance the brain stimulating development. Classes are taught with much imagination and creativity. The creative approach helps the children relate to numbers and mathematical problems. The complexities of the mathematical world are something that everyone wants to understand.

Science Explorer

Science Explorer program aims to develop the cognitive skills and to increase awareness while kindling the curiosity of the child towards the world around them. Science explorer is also innovative, an early educational hands-on science programme catering to children to explore and develop learning-interest through science.

Enrichment Classes

TopKids also provides enrichment classes such as Mental Arithmetic, Public Speaking, Art Class, Speech & drama and Tuition Classes. Kindly contact respective branch for more information.